The Cave is a Lie.

    One of my favorite mammals is apparently in what could be a very very poor position. Now what makes this interesting is that there is apparently no definitive cause. This mysterious killer has only one call sign that may or may not be the cause (it could actually just be an opportunistic mofo). It is possible that as many as half a million (that’s 500,000) bats have died because of this mysterious murderer. To me the scariest part of it, besides the entire mystery, is how it kills. These bats go to sleep and their food reserves burn out before they ever wake up so they starve to death in their sleep. While that does generally seem like the best way to go I don’t know if I’d like to see half a million people mysteriously die while sleeping.

    It seems odd to me with hundreds of thousands of bats are dying from some mysterious agent that could possible be transferred from cave to caves by people and the best I see from spelunkers (cave diving) is that they are upset. Some are trying to figure out how their business will survive. I understand the fear but it is certainly odd to guilt trip the bats for dying in throngs.

    On the other side though imagine if whatever this agent is were to jump to humans? A mysterious organism that has yet to be identified has the potential to kill hundreds of thousands in a relatively short amount of time. Anything with a 90% mortality rate should most certainly be understood before it is brought within spitting distance of humans. We’ve already got AIDS and I’d hope that we’d only have one seemingly impervious disease at any time.

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