Space is a Lively Place

  This sort of news actually isn’t all that rare. It would appear that Europa more than likely has a serious amount of water underneath a thick layering of ice. Now the thing that people should always ask is if there is really ever a case where water exists and there is nothing living in it (without man-made interference). Even in the most extreme of aquatic conditions you will find some sort of life (no matter how small).

  To me it is not a question of if there is life on Europa it is more a case of what life is on Europa. Considering that the major building blocks of life are 4 of the 5 most common elements in the universe (Something like hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon if I recall…might be off on one or two of those, the non-essential one is helium which isn’t very conducive to making friends. Assuming I didn’t get hydrogen and helium mixed up 🙂 Forgive me it is late).

  So if the Earth had a warm core, tons of water, and formed life. Europa has a warm core, tons of water, and a shell of ice to protect it from just about anything harmful (not unlike our atmosphere) it makes one wonder just what is living under that shell. I’d be happy with just about anything, even a tiny fish like creature with a couple eyes and a really cute grin.

  Food for thought ;). I’d write more but I had to transit back home (vacation over). So you’ll start seeing far more educational posts starting Tuesday, taking a course on prehistoric organisms (IE Dinosaurs), psychopharmacology (study of drugs essentially may be changing this course), history and architecture of museums, and finally Greek Epics if memory servers :).

  Good night all and happy interstellar hunting.

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