Internet Advertising

    Does anyone remember a time when advertising swayed their purchases? Now to be fair that I do indeed get personally effected by advertising on television and the internet. However! I’m a bit in reverse. Anytime I see a commercial for a product on television if the commercial even slightly annoys me I make a pact with myself to never purchase it (and since I started doing this I have kept up with it). The same works with the internet, if banner ads are obnoxious or if they talk I make sure to never interact with the product in absolutely any way.

    It would appear that this is the assumption of Google as well. If you use their adsense service there are two states of your account. You either have an inactive account (0 Clicks) or you have a disabled account. However it was a fair punishment, I really think that most people would never buy the stuff on adsense. Perhaps advertising these days is not attempting to gather manipulate people who have already made a choice but instead it is to inform people who would, of their own device, have purchased the item if they knew it existed.

    I would put my money on the next big advertising system being a search system, not unlike Amazon, where you can see the responses of consumers instead of tag lines from the company. We have entered an unusual state in the world where people are actually congratulated for being decent human beings as if that shouldn’t be the norm (Namely the Fair Trade stickers which may be tomorrows topic). I wonder if there was ever a point when you could trust the people you were dealing with?

    Ah well. Here is another day down :). Hopefully something exciting will hit (or informative) so that I can lay out another long winded article about particles or something sassy like that.

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