How time flies…

  It’s actually quite marvelous how quickly a day can pass if you aren’t paying attention. What felt like minutes ago was 7 pm and now I’m look at 11:24. Tomorrow is the beginning of my next quarter and as promised before there will be plenty of fun information. As I often do lets leave you today with some very good time killers for both the mind and the soul (the soul herein being that part of you that likes laughing as opposed to thinking).

For your mind: – Easily one of the Internets most interesting websites.

For your soul: – Easily one of the Internets most enjoyable websites.

  I hope these in some way make up for my recent slacking. In another unrelated note that got me excited the Guggenheim museum is in the upcoming movie “The Soloist.” I can’t say the movie will or won’t be good but that is one amazingly beautiful structure.

Edit: For those with a keen sense of buildings will note I actually posted the wrong museum! Ha! The one in the movie is the museum in New York and not the one below. Both made by people named Frank though I believe.

Care of: Raw Art Int

  Goodnight all and don’t forget to take a long look at the world around you. It changes so quickly these days it would be a shame to miss something forever.

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