How do I write?

  In one of the infinitely many universes someone has queried me and asked how I write what I write and what my strategy for discussion and thought is. I am very much a present writer, technicalities aside (like the nanoseconds between events and our actual sensing) I write things and experience my writing in much the same way that readers experience it. I really don’t know what is going to come next most of the time and I just go with the flow.

  Ever since I was young(er), to be more accurate 7 years ago, I have written poetry and fiction in almost the exact same fashion. I sit down and I write whatever comes to mind, I watch it unfold and I enjoy it as an experience even though I am the one providing that experience. For many years I’ve been interested in Psychology for no larger a reason than to just understand myself, it has slowly grown from that to trying to understand everything however without an understanding of the self I don’t feel it is fair to assume one can understand anything or anyone else.

  At any rate I write something once, I may read it once again after I write it, but I rarely-if ever-fix any mistakes in my writing. I’m more lenient in this system with fictional stories as typos can screw the entire meaning of something up and create pretty large problems for further chapters however in poetry I almost never look back. Once it is written it is complete, and it’s been something that I’ve always been pleased with. I think it adds a level of authenticity to my work, it helps show it as something that even I won’t ever fully understand, which in the case of a few poems is entirely true. I look back on them and I’m just in awe that I wrote them, not necessarily because of some sort of amazing quality, but because I can honestly not remember what I meant by them. I have a newfound interest in them and it makes me happy. I hate habituation and my writing style seems to help me avoid it to a pretty substantial degree.

  So for anyone who ever reads my fictional works or my poetry, keep in mind that you are seeing it likely from the same side of the table as I am. I don’t know if that adds or detracts from anything in the works but I hope it does give it another dimension that it didn’t formerly have. Many times the analytical me is trying to understand what the creative me is doing and its a very disturbing disconnect at times. If that makes no sense imagine watching yourself writing something and in no edge of your current conscious self do you see any blueprints laid out for what you are watching unfold in front of you.

  I hope this was at least enjoyable for some folks, it just seemed like it needed to be said, if nothing else so that I could read it later.

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