How big was that again?

  Putting aside the fact that at a certain point an object would crush itself if it becomes too large because of gravity, we can generally agree that things can always get bigger. Though when you think of things getting smaller there seems to be a pretty large agreement amongst humans that there must (keyword) be a smallest level of things. However I ask why? We seem relatively comfortable with the idea that exponential decay can eternally come closer to 0 without ever reaching it yet there seems to be some weird attraction to the idea of absolution in our lives.

  We assume that there must of been a first incident to our universe, setting aside any ideas of infinitely long time. We (for at least centuries if not millennia) believed that things could literally be absolutely destroyed via the wonders of fire. Likewise when speaking of any sort of good or evil people tend to tout the absoluteness of either realm.

   Now I’m willing to agree that at some size there is probably some fantastic event that occurs that does limit how small things can get but not because they couldn’t literally get any smaller (nor that nothing smaller can ever exist). Since with the proper circumstances objects as large as stars can exist without crushing themselves I’m sure objects that are fantastic in size in the complete opposite direction also exist. It’s just a situation of being able to see them at this point.

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