Black Holes and Human Brains

    This is a bit of a thought experiment but I’ve come to think that perhaps the human brain is an example of evolutionary pit falling. I’d use a better term but my brain is kind of not running on all cylinders at the moment itself!

    In the universe there are many objects of varying sizes and gravitational pulls. It would seem obvious that at a certain point that gravity becomes so great that it just continually compounds upon itself and creates an extremely massive singular point. Essentially whenever you are dealing with variable systems there seems to be a real world situation where there is a runaway train effect that creates otherwise seemingly impossible (or extremely unlikely events).

  The Human brain seems to be another example of this. I have a strong feeling that the evolution of the human brain works in a similar fashion. This may be an event that is unlikely to happen again for quite sometime. When the original mutations hit and the earliest humans did grow larger brains (in whatever manner or region that they did) it must have been an extremely helpful mutation. This was much like that first bit of mass past the critical threshold in space. As more and more generations of this species reproduced the changes were reinforced more and more and the brain kept growing progressively larger.

    I imagine larger brains are evolutionarily extremely handy (extreme being the popular theme this post) however they are not biologically primary mutations. There is some sort of required event, perhaps a very large amount of food to help lessen the necessity of other advantages (like strength or senses). The human skull did change allowing more space for the brain and that change was the weakening of the jaw muscles. Perhaps the major food source of Humans changed in some great manner and that change increased the amount of food ingested per human per life.

  It’s an interesting question, while mutations are hardly intentional it does seem that certain mutations do cause absolutely amazing continual mutations that lead to extraordinary organisms.

  Extra Note: I will warn you in advance. If these existential posts are a bit annoying for you the next week might be difficult for you! 🙂 I’m on vacation so it’s probably going to be a week of thought experiments. I will try my best to make them as inspirational as possible.

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