Month: March 2009

Words given too much credit.

  Whenever a person of interest (generally coined ‘celebrity’) they are put under an unusually high level of excess and I feel unnecessary stress. One thing in particular is the idea of ‘thinking before you speak’. For the vast majority of people I do think there is a level of thought always joined with the act of communication it is something of a necessity. We all make mistakes in what we a...[Read More]

How time flies…

  It’s actually quite marvelous how quickly a day can pass if you aren’t paying attention. What felt like minutes ago was 7 pm and now I’m look at 11:24. Tomorrow is the beginning of my next quarter and as promised before there will be plenty of fun information. As I often do lets leave you today with some very good time killers for both the mind and the soul (the soul herein being that part ...[Read More]

These things are Extreme!

  Going off the same train of thought as yesterday something came across my attention while watching the fantastic television series known as planet earth. Well to be fair to each of them two things came to my attention Snottites and Shortfin Mollies.   So what makes these organisms interesting? Well quite simply they both live in Sulfuric Acid. For those of you that don’t know Sulfuric ...[Read More]

Space is a Lively Place   This sort of news actually isn’t all that rare. It would appear that Europa more than likely has a serious amount of water underneath a thick layering of ice. Now the thing that people should always ask is if there is really ever a case where water exists and there is nothing living in it (without man-made interference). Even in the most ext...[Read More]

The Cave is a Lie.

    One of my favorite mammals is apparently in what could be a very very poor position. Now what makes this interesting is that there is apparently no definitive cause. This mysterious killer has only one call sign that may or may not be the cause (it could actually just be an opportunistic mofo). It is possible that as many as half a million (that’s 500,000) bats have died because...[Read More]


Since I let the day escape me (as happens on holidays) here is something interesting I read in the NYT. See what you think about it and who knows maybe sometime soon I’ll discuss what I like about it and how it could be used better (in my opinion). I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy it and I’ll try to update early tomorrow...[Read More]

How to sell a lie.

  There are two pieces of lingo that are incessantly abused in commercials for two of the US’s biggest addictions. Movies and Medications. Sometimes using the latter to enhance the former. They both are generally overlooked and in some cases mistranslated by consumers.   The first is the phrase “Based on a True Story.” Now at first glance one might think “Oh neato banditto something like...[Read More]

How big was that again?

  Putting aside the fact that at a certain point an object would crush itself if it becomes too large because of gravity, we can generally agree that things can always get bigger. Though when you think of things getting smaller there seems to be a pretty large agreement amongst humans that there must (keyword) be a smallest level of things. However I ask why? We seem relatively comfortable wi...[Read More]

A Fairly Confusing Trade

  As was spoken of briefly in the last update I find it extremely unusual that fair trade is an opt-in system. Essentially it is universally agreed in this country that all companies are treating anyone possible poorly unless otherwise specified. It would seem more reasonable to have all companies that do not want to treat people like people could opt-out of being labeled as fair trade.  ...[Read More]

Internet Advertising

    Does anyone remember a time when advertising swayed their purchases? Now to be fair that I do indeed get personally effected by advertising on television and the internet. However! I’m a bit in reverse. Anytime I see a commercial for a product on television if the commercial even slightly annoys me I make a pact with myself to never purchase it (and since I started doing this I ...[Read More]

1000 Hits!

Thank you for helping us reach 1000 hits! Here is to hoping we see you in another thousand! (Hope you enjoy your wittle present)

Black Holes and Human Brains

    This is a bit of a thought experiment but I’ve come to think that perhaps the human brain is an example of evolutionary pit falling. I’d use a better term but my brain is kind of not running on all cylinders at the moment itself!     In the universe there are many objects of varying sizes and gravitational pulls. It would seem obvious that at a certain point that ...[Read More]

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