The wonders of the zHome

  The zHome is easily one of the most interesting things I’ve read about in the last few years. It’s a project in my own particular state that has been harshly effected by the economy. Once funded this project will produce homes that actually produce more energy than they consume. Through the use of solar paneling each home in the 10 home townhouse setup will use as much energy as it needs and the rest will be sent out on the grid (to power other structures). It’ll also use multiple systems so that the water use is roughly 60% lower than the average American home. This is nice especially considering in my lifetime alone I’ve watched Washington, a state known for its rain, have some pretty noticeable water scares with their reservoirs being exceptionally low.

  Likewise the materials in the home are either non-toxic and environment friendly or they are recycled non-toxic and environment friendly (nice options). In fact the only negative I can see from this project is the support its receiving, projects like these should be supported with every ounce this country has. If all new homes were built with these kind of specs we could see a complete revolution on the way the world works around us, this is not a thing of the future, it is technology available now that can only get better.

  It bothers me that we are wasting money on the automotive industry (that honestly has half ass-d any attempt to revolutionize their merchandise) and not pouring it into projects like this. Hopefully for those that visit here they’ll read up on these wonderful (and very pleasant on the eye) homes and tell their friends. The more people who know the better chance that projects like these will go somewhere instead of being dropped for ‘clean coal’ funding and other complete malarky.

  Further information can be found at: zHome Website

  Thanks for visiting and have a great day.

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