In Response to Western Front

The following is in response to Removal of Go Deeper.

  We need to dig deep into this issue. To penetrate the problem of insecurity in our nation and surely our campus. If we don’t pound out a solution than we can be sure it’ll lick us outright. The sticky nature of our desire for equality leaves us quivering in exhaustion by the days end. But who gets laid out in the end? Are we not slipping off when we assume that being different makes us weak or insecure?

  So when sexually does ‘Go Deeper’ become a uniquely heterosexual activity? Does a lesbian lose all desire for penetration? Does a homosexual man lose the function of his penis? Does a bisexual fire lasers from their eyes? I’m trying to understand the flawed logic here. Our fellatious attraction to erroneous equality leaves the ‘normal’ folks in a tough spot.

  All chodes aside, when does it end? When do we stop pulling out and finally let it all go? Quit right now, stop treating people like they are six. This sort of change is just sloppy. I and everyone I’ve asked has thought that "Go Deeper" was (and is) clever and imaginative, if you are going to start putting your foot down why don’t you start with the La Rouche cult or the folks showering red square with high definition diced fetus posters. Insecurity is the worst STD to sneak its way into artistic expression likewise hypocrisy is the worst treatment.

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