Fascinating Facebook

  Seeing as I’m swamped with crap to do today (because every professor feels they are your only professor) I would like to posit a bit of information today that caught my eye in the New York Times.

  Facebook has over 175 million active users, Of the two hundred and twenty one official countries in the world, this internet social networking site has more people using it than 216 of them! That’s 97.7% of the worlds countries each having a smaller population than a single website. You could likely have the lower 100 hundred nations fit snugly into Facebook and still have room.

  So yes, tomorrow I’ll be back in force most likely since I’ll be into the weekend. For now let this leave you awe struck ;). I might come back to this with excel and make it even more interesting.

  Coming up this week: Freedometer re-thought and corrected. I noticed some glaring flaws in its design (when I should have been sleeping).

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