Boomers Burgers

  Have you ever had a food that literally caused you to think about it later? In Bellingham, Washington the place that provides that food is a single drive-in burger joint known as “Boomers”.

  I cannot stress how utterly delicious this food is. Their shakes are mind bendingly delicious with real fruit in them, their burgers will haunt your dreams, their service is fast and friendly and you can even call ahead to have it ready when you get there.

  Likewise they possess the best waffle fries I’ve had in my entire life. This month was their 20th anniversary and all their burgers (even their half pound big boom) were 2.89. Even when they aren’t on sale the prices at Boomers are fantastic and in no way effect service negatively.

  About the only negative is that they are full 24 hours a day, which is hardly their fault, the food here will honestly blow your mind. Every other burger joint will pale in comparison once you have a burger at Boomers.

  Well that’s it for today…I just had to give this fantastic place a mention.

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