Month: February 2009

“Of you”

Honesty buds from thee a hierarchy of wondrous words of shimmering deeds Earth’s most genuine of seeds Garden of Eden merely a first run prepping for the green of you stream of pearly blue filters life like morning dew shimmering stars amidst a sea of Earth Nature’s nurtured by the words of you Sweet nectar tingles upon the tongue filling firmly the heart of me feel warmth amidst froze...[Read More]

The Internet Mega-bias

  On the internet I’ve begun to wonder if in fact there is a rule for ignorance. Perhaps some sort of internet mega-bias. I’ve often found it funny that you need a license to drive a car but not to have a child or surf the internet. I know this is an old adage that has probably been joked about many times before I even knew about the inner bowels of the internet (which I likely don’t, I’m pro...[Read More]

Boomers Burgers

  Have you ever had a food that literally caused you to think about it later? In Bellingham, Washington the place that provides that food is a single drive-in burger joint known as “Boomers”.   I cannot stress how utterly delicious this food is. Their shakes are mind bendingly delicious with real fruit in them, their burgers will haunt your dreams, their service is fast and friendly and ...[Read More]

In Response to Western Front

The following is in response to Removal of Go Deeper.   We need to dig deep into this issue. To penetrate the problem of insecurity in our nation and surely our campus. If we don’t pound out a solution than we can be sure it’ll lick us outright. The sticky nature of our desire for equality leaves us quivering in exhaustion by the days end. But who gets laid out in the end? Are we ...[Read More]

How I would do Time Travel.

  This is the last topic on Time Travel for quite sometime I promise. This has nothing to do with Fatalism because I feel I’ve already explained why its absolutely positively stupid (to me at the very least). This is instead how I figure time travel would actually work and why it would not or should not create paradoxes.   I picture a time traveler as someone who can separate themselves ...[Read More]

The Time Traveler – Another case of Flawed Fatalism

  Today we look a bit deeper into the case of the time traveler that I made up yesterday. This is somewhat of a rehash but a bit of a deeper explanation on why Fatalism is Fatally Flawed. We first must establish a few things.   Firstly the timeline that we are currently in is ‘the’ future. According to Fatalism it is the set of events that is already going to happen and thusly is unavoid...[Read More]

Fatalism – Finish him!

  We look today at another metaphysical argument. So lets just dive right in! The Argument for Fatalism (1) There exists now a set of propositions describing everything that might happen in the future. (2) Every proposition is either true or else false. (3) If (1) and (2), then there exists now a set of true propositions completely describing the future. (4) If there exists now a set of true ...[Read More]

Drugs are not inherently bad.

  It’s a hard pill to swallow for some people. Which is not entirely difficult to understand considering the massive swaths of money spent every single year on the drug war and anti drug advertising + education. Most evidence seems to show that these tactics are not only ineffective but highly counter productive.   Legalized Heroin has been popping up in a few countries around the ...[Read More]

Freedometer 2.0 – Still not quite there

  I’ve been thinking about the glaring flaws in my original Freedometer and the fact that it didn’t express my point correctly. So without further adieu this is the new and approved Freedometer: The Freedometer 2.0   The way this works is that you have a binary situation, there are only two likely outcomes to be had. Now I understand that this is an unlikely situation and pos...[Read More]

The Life of Man

  I know technically I should say “human” or “person” or something but frankly women on average already live 7 years longer than men, I’d say since I’m likely to die almost a decade sooner than a lady that I should be at least given the joy of popping my gender into the title. There will be at a time someday when its ironic.   There are so many reasons...[Read More]

Fascinating Facebook

  Seeing as I’m swamped with crap to do today (because every professor feels they are your only professor) I would like to posit a bit of information today that caught my eye in the New York Times.   Facebook has over 175 million active users, Of the two hundred and twenty one official countries in the world, this internet social networking site has more people using it than 216 of...[Read More]

The wonders of the zHome

  The zHome is easily one of the most interesting things I’ve read about in the last few years. It’s a project in my own particular state that has been harshly effected by the economy. Once funded this project will produce homes that actually produce more energy than they consume. Through the use of solar paneling each home in the 10 home townhouse setup will use as much energy as...[Read More]

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