Beyond our means

  I think as a whole our country is starting is starting to slowly realize that you cannot live beyond your means for very long before it comes back to haunt you. Many have lost their homes while others are struggling to hold onto what little they have. I don’t necessarily blame anyone in particular in fact if you take my college loans into account I too am living beyond my means and it will be something I have to deal with for years to come. Although I was given the choice of either waiting till I was 24 or getting into college now and considering my last place of employment just went under across the entire united states I feel I made a sound one. But I digress.

  The most recent noticeable victim in the vicinity of where I live is Western Washington University. They are looking at a possible 36 million dollar shortfall and they say that this sort of cut will show noticeably upon their quality services. While I could easy attack the ludicrousness of western providing quality server I will instead carry on with my point. This college lived beyond its means for quite some time, hoping that each year would be a mirror of the past and that it would be able to keep on running in the negative. I know many would argue that state funding doesn’t put you in the negative but when you run in a manner that without someone else’s financial support you cannot function then you are living beyond your means.

  This will be a good wake up call for Western if they take the event to heart. Much like this could be a great turn around for many people. The credit system is (without making conspiracy theories) a very corrupt one. The smallest bits of information are permissible in granting someone a credit card in your name, this has been an obvious shortfall for a decade or more and nothing has been done about it. I hope that with this big crash people will look towards living within their means. Enjoying all the things that are around them and if that isn’t enough working hard to gain legitimate access what they love (or at least want) most.

  Since at one time I’m pretty sure that’s how the US worked. If you wanted great things you worked hard and accomplished great things. We’ve entered a weird period (which perhaps has been longer than I’ve been alive) where you can get an major in business move to New York and make millions off the efforts of others. It’s a weird world where those who work make less than those who observe. The last time that was a major source of income in the US it ended up leading to a war and being abolished. Not to sound too much like a dramatist of course.

  Questions emailed in (depending on legitimacy) will be answered in the order they are received. If they are good enough (IE. Not complete nonsense) I’ll answer them on the here. If you don’t want to comment or can’t figure out where my email is hiding feel free to posit things via the comment system. I’ll also re-open the forums sometime down the road for people to ask things there.

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