A New Beginning

I will be attempting something rather crazy. Well when you are about as energized as me it is crazy. I am going to attempt to write something, ANYTHING, at least once a day for every single day until my birthday hits.

So that means until August 28th this site will hopefully be fully of goodies. Even if they be as small as my almost erotic love of Macaroni and Cheese.

Since I’m technically a day late (It takes a while to back up stuff) this will be going out on the 29th but had I already been done backing stuff up you’d be reading it from the past…oh the power the internet brings us.

Also I will be cleaning up the way my site works and as you can tell how it looks. If you are using windows 7 or this Firefox theme which I highly recommend you will find yourself looking into the wondrous world of darkness that will make your eyes want to make out with you.

Because seriously your eyes are annoyed at you for looking at bright stuff all the time. If you don’t stop it they are going to quit doing things for you and make you get around using your ears…and honestly who ever trusted those idiots.

For anyone interested in going back into the ancient world of me you can find it here. It should work good enough to work (yeah I said it), and really isn’t that what matters these days?

– Rico

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