Month: January 2009

A Complaint against Piracy and my Response

The Original Comment: fail piracy hurts actors, distributers, producers, the poor schmo who presses the DVD’s for a living, the projectionist, the ticket collector. – jim_doki My Response: Well I was about to lower myself your your catchy lines "like fail" but I’d like to remind you that all crime exists for a reason. What we tend to do is merely attack the crime itself...[Read More]

People to meet before I (or they) Die (Part 1)

  It pains me to say that at one time I would have put Steve Irwin on this list, when he died a part of me died. People may have joked about him and said he was silly but I feel that Irwin was an individual of great charisma and incredible talent. He was a wonderful individual caught in a truly unlucky situation (being I believe the 13th person in the world to die from a stingray attack). If ...[Read More]

Does God negate Existence? (Or at least Natural Law)

  We’ll begin with a story, in (large) part inspired by Professor Markosian. At the beginning of our class on Wednesday we were presented with the following argument known as “The Argument from Conceivability.” The Argument from Conceivability (1) I can conceive of existing without my body. (2) If (1), then it is possible for me to exist without my body. (3) If it is possible for me to exist ...[Read More]

Beyond our means

  I think as a whole our country is starting is starting to slowly realize that you cannot live beyond your means for very long before it comes back to haunt you. Many have lost their homes while others are struggling to hold onto what little they have. I don’t necessarily blame anyone in particular in fact if you take my college loans into account I too am living beyond my means and it will ...[Read More]

A New Beginning

I will be attempting something rather crazy. Well when you are about as energized as me it is crazy. I am going to attempt to write something, ANYTHING, at least once a day for every single day until my birthday hits. So that means until August 28th this site will hopefully be fully of goodies. Even if they be as small as my almost erotic love of Macaroni and Cheese. Since I’m technically a day la...[Read More]

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